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Nuclear and Geothermal Energy

Nuclear Energy: Good Vs Bad

Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy: Good Vs Bad
Nuclear Pictures
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Good Vs Bad
Geothermal Pictures

There are some good points and some bad points to Nuclear energy

Good points

1.  There is a slight risk of accidental contamination.

2.  Not a lot of people have died because of nuclear power plants.

3.  Cleaner then fossil fuels

5.  Nuclear power plants have prevented 219 million tons of sulfur dioxide and 98 million tons of nitrogen oxides from being discharged into the atmosphere since 1973.

6.  In early 1998 the Natural Resources Defense Council, a leader in the battle against air pollution, reached a landmark agreement with New Jersey's Public Service Electric & Gas. The Natural Resources Defense council agreed to support the Newark-based utility's full recovery of investments in nuclear plants and other facilities that might be "stranded" by electricity deregulation. In turn, the utility said it would expand its energy-efficiency program.

Bad Points
1.  Dangerous if it melts down.
2.  Chance of contamination
3.  Deadly
4.  Cleaner forms of energy can be formed, if more work was put into them, like fusion.

I personally think that Nuclear power is way better then Fossil fuels. Nuclear is cleaner, better for the environment, and cheaper. But it is very dangerous if it melts down.

Craig Maltese
Screen name: EmOiStHeShYt1737